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In fact, through her analysis of our brains, humans probably train themselves to "exert some control" over their own sexual pleasure, and perhaps someday when we understand the triggers better, we'll all be able to have instant orgasms on demand think the Orb scene in Sleeper.

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Can You Have a Totally Hands-Free Orgasm? The Erotic Hypnosis Community Thinks So

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Part audio porn, part ASMR video , erotic hypnosis is exploding on the internet, due in part to a thriving social media-based community on the eternal quest for a hands-free orgasm.

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Description: While hypnosis has been used for centuries for both recreational and rehabilitative purposes for instance, to cure smoking or lose weight , there have actually been very few large-scale studies to determine its efficacy , so it's an open question as to whether it actually works.


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